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  • Asset Integrity Management
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  • Component Testing
  • Non Destructive Evaluation & Remote Operations
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    Component Testing

    Our fully integrated structural performance assessment, on-site instrumentation services and component qualification programmes are founded on more than 30 years experience of component testing in safety critical environments.

    • Structural Performance Assessment Structural Performance Assessment

      Rigorous structural performance assessment delivers the assurance that new components and plant modifications meet the highest standards of safety and performance prior to deployment.

      We draw on comprehensive in-house capabilities, including rig design, machining, fabrication, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and metallurgical expertise.

      We can design, manufacture and operate full-scale tests that are tailored to your project requirements, and have extensive expertise across:

      • - Oil and Gas
      • - Subsea wet insulation systems
      • - Subsea pipelines
      • - Flexible risers/pipes
      • - Wellhead completion and intervention systems

      Nuclear and Thermal plant life extension such as Boiler plant remnant life assessment, on-site strain gauge and thermocouple installation, tailor-made monitoring systems, full-scale mock-up fabrication and testing.
      Aerospace structural systems such as Engine Intercase, Composite wing panels, flap tracks, slat cans etc.

    • Onsite Instrumentation Services On-site Instrumentation Services

      Our precision on-site instrumentation services encompass a range of fully integrated monitoring solutions — developed, installed and managed to suit your specific requirements.

      We are trusted to deliver instrumentation and monitoring systems for safety critical plant and equipment, including the nuclear sector. Our expertise includes:

      • - Nuclear and thermal plant life extension: delivering real time monitoring of safety or operationally critical components
      • - Nuclear and thermal plant life prediction and analysis: tailored instrumentation and monitoring to collect live operational data on recently commissioned or retrofitted plant.

      Combining Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) knowledge and experience with structural integrity, instrumentation and data analysis capabilities, we deliver valued added, tailored solutions for your plant.

    • Component Qualification Component Testing

      We provide a range of fully integrated component qualification programmes including subsea pipeline, subsea wet insulation, flexible riser, wellhead completion and intervention systems and aerospace structural testing. Using our integrated component qualification capabilities ensures that an organization can fully qualify the structural integrity of their assets prior to deployment.

      Combining full-scale component testing, risk-based inspection and structural integrity services, our comprehensive offshore component qualification applications include:

      • - Simulated Service Tests - 300BarG and 220DegC
      • - Tensile Tests – 20MN
      • - Compressive Tests – 30MN
      • - Pipeline Proof and Burst Tests – 40 kpsi (Hydraulic) and 20kpsi (Nitrogen)
      • - 4-Point-Bending of 12meter Pipes – 6MNm
      • - Reeling Tests – 2MNm
      • - Cyclic Testing – 8MN
      • - Low Cycle Fatigue Tests
      • - Creep/Fatigue Tests 650°C
      • - Co-Efficient of Friction Tests
      • - Strain Gauge and Thermocouple Installation and Analysis
      • - Full Mechanical and Analytical Test Services
      • - Flexible risers qualification
      • - Elevated and subzero crush tests,
      • - In-situ radiographic inspections with tension applied on flexible risers with fully programmable internal bore pressures
      • - Wellhead completion and intervention systems qualification
      • - Combined tension, bending and internal pressurization on components such as Landing Strings, Tubing Hangers, Latch Mechanisms etc.
      • - PR2 Tests for valve and seal qualification
      • - Bespoke testing requirements

      To aid precision component testing, we have recently developed a simulated reeling test rig with integrated back tension. The main characteristics of our Reeling test rig are:

      • - Accommodate pipes of up to 30" in overall diameter
      • - Full closed loop control of applied reeling rate
      • - Repeatable reeling rates, programmable steps and hold periods
      • - Maximum bending moment capacity of 2MNm at a reeling rate of approximately 15m/min
      • - Full closed loop control of applied back tension of upto 500kN
      • - Temperature controlled reeling zone, with capacity to complete tests between -15°C and + 60°C