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Doosan Babcock is part of a powerful combination of companies united under the Doosan Group to deliver complementary technologies, skills and value to customers the world over.

Doosan Babcock is a specialist in the delivery of engineering, aftermarket and upgrade services to the thermal power, nuclear, oil and gas, petrochemical and process industries. Using best-in-class technical expertise and an industry-leading project management capability, the company builds, maintains and extends the life of customer assets worldwide.

The Doosan Credo is a set of principles that represent our philosophies and our unique way of doing business. These principles have been the foundation of our success and are integral to every aspect of our business and people, clearly guiding our decisions and the way we do business. The company’s 2G philosophy is a virtuous circle in which people drive our business growth, which in turn provides them the opportunity for advancement.

Growth of Business by Growth of People

For over a century, Doosan Babcock has been delivering value for customers and investing in our people. We believe that our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we always aim to deliver superior value than our competitors. We achieve this by understanding our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations.

Going forward, we will continue to grow our business into new territories and expand our offering by investing in new technologies.

Andrew Colquhoun
Doosan Babcock

COO Thomas Wehrheim

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We aspire to become a Proud Global Doosan - a leading innovator of products and services that improve the quality of life for people and communities around the world.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Doosan’s strategy is based on the principle of “2G” - Growth of Business by Growth of People. 2G is a virtuous circle where people drive the business growth, which in turn provides our people the opportunity for advancement. Doosan believes that sustained success can only come through people.

Global Network

Global Network

Find out how Doosan Babcock is creating innovation and changes around the world.

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