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Hazardous Area Logger (HAL)

Our state-of-the-art data acquisition technology that monitors multiple channels of vibration, dynamic strain and pressure pulsation for extended periods.

The Hazardous Area Logger (HAL) is a configurable data acquisition system that is certified for deployment in a Zone 1 or 2 Gas Group IIC area. It is used with Ex certified ICP® sensors to monitor vibration and dynamic pressure over an extended period. The system is supported by experts from Doosan Babcock who have extensive experience of evaluating and providing solutions for plant integrity issues.

The HAL is an ideal piece of equipment when a vibration concern is either intermittent or transient in nature. Concerns during blowdown or shutdown are normally difficult to capture due to their unpredictable nature. The HAL can therefore be deployed to capture all these scenarios without the need to keep an engineer on the platform to man it.

Typical Uses of the HAL include:

  • Pipework integrity monitoring
  • Transient event capture
  • Rotating machinery monitoring
  • Monitoring structural vibration issues

Benefits of using the HAL include:

  • Certified for deployment in a Zone 1 or 2 Gas Group IIC area
  • Rapid deployment
  • Minimises need for onsite specialists reducing costs
  • Identifies areas at risk and improves plant safety
  • Complete setup/installation service
  • Backup/support from Doosan Babcock with full data analysis

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