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Health, Safety and Environment

Delivering on our Number One Value maintaining and continually improving on a positive safety culture that protects people and delights our customers wherever we work.

Health Safety Environment

Industrial Safety

Creating a safe working environment, protecting our employees and those affected by our activities through transformational leadership, innovation, and people centric programmes. Our Health and Safety Management System certified to ISO 45001 is the kernel that ensures we always operate safely.

The programmes, processes, and procedures we have developed enable our people to detect, minimise, and eliminate hazards and associated risks ensuring that our actions and solutions protect what matters to us and our customers.

Environmental Management

The processes and procedures we have developed enable us to manage and ultimately improve our environmental performance, reducing our impacts. These are the mainstay of our Environmental management system, certified to ISO 14001, enabling our drive towards a more efficient use of resources, reduced energy use and reduction in waste. Our EMS enables us to demonstrate regulatory compliance and gain the trust of stakeholders.

Health and Wellbeing

Keeping people well at work, managing risks that could give rise to work related ill-health is key to delivering on our No1 Value.

Through proactive engagement of our people, the development of safe systems of work and promoting of targeted health and wellbeing campaigns we aim to continually protect our employees, improve health and wellbeing, and ensure they are fit for work and life.

Nuclear Safety

Enhancing nuclear and radiological safety by ensuring that health, environmental and quality requirements are not considered separately from safety. Protecting workers, the public and the environment from undue radiological hazards.

Enabling our customers to ensure safe operations, prevent or mitigate accident consequences and fulfil regulatory requirements.

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